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What is asbestos ?

What health problems are associated to the exposure in the ASBESTOS?


According to Health Canada, the content in asbestos of a product does not indicate inevitably the inherent risk for the health. The asbestos harms the health only when fibers are present in the air which inhale people. Inhaled, asbestos fibers find accommodation on lungs, causing scars which can eventually compromise seriously the lung function(office) (asbestosis) and to pull(entail) the cancer of lung or the lung cavity. The concern about the health of the workers of the asbestos goes back up(raises) in so far as towards the end of 1800s. The risks became obvious towards the end of 1960s while the workers who had largely been explained to it 20 or 30 years earlier made increase the cases of lung diseases. The exhibition(exposure) in the middle of work is governed now strictly by the provincial governments.


The asbestos is a natural mineral matched by exceptional properties.
It resists strong temperatures, the attack of chemical substances and the wear. Bad driver, there is good heat and electric insulator.
The crystals of asbestos become long flexible and silky fibers lending itself to a vast range of forms. The asbestos can so spin, weave or braid, besides being added to materials so diverse as the cotton and the cement.
This combination(overall) of properties confers on the asbestos a performance difficult to equal.


Use of the asbestos

Under its crisp shape, it was used in numerous insulations and flockings, as well as in sheets(leaves), felt-tips, glues, putties, bound plates(patches), or were braided or weaved. We also find him(it) ( not crisp shape) incorporated into products in cement (asbestos-cement) or into diverse sociable dispositions(binders) (glues, paints(paintings), joints, mortars with plaster, concrete bitumineux10, materials of friction and even road asphalts or waterproofness). He(it) was also used for brake blocks or in side dish(filling) of boiler or electric ovens, or still in diverse electric installations (eg: heating plates) for his(its) capacities of electric insulation with strong temperature. He(it) was used massively in buildings(ships) for his(its) fireproofing, insulating properties, his(its) flexibility, his(its) resistance in the tension and sometimes for his(its) resistance in chemicals.


This method is mainly used for the cleaning of industrial machinery, but can also be used to clean: • Electrical equipement

Recognize a type of asbestos



In certain cases, the vermiculite can contain some asbestos;

  • Do not move the insulating material of vermiculite in bulk,
  • Do not store objects near an insulating material of vermiculite if it is possible that the insulating material is moved,
  • Do not allow the children to approach an insulating material of vermiculite in bulk,
  • If you plan activities which will pull(entail) the travel(movement) of the vermiculite, consult a company accredited for the removal(kidnapping) of the asbestos.

The fibrous aspect of minerals of asbestos is a good mark to recognize him(it). We cannot however reveal in the naked eye the asbestos fibers the size of which is from 400 to 2.000 times smaller than a human hair. To distinguish between the various varieties of asbestos supposes either to know the exact origin of samples and their source rock, or the microscopic analysis which reveals the shape and the size of fibers.





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