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Whether it is a result of flooding caused by bad weather or a broken pipe, water can cause significant damage to your home or your business.


In an environment where the amount of moisture is abnormally high, the growth of microorganisms is quick and they can cause damage to the structure, produce odors and can create health problems.

Our rapid response to withdraw water, to eliminate residues, controlled drying of the structure and the environment, prevent the spread of bacterias, mold and fungi. The techniques used by Aquanet bring us to constantly review our tools, systems and science used throughout the process. On a daily basis, we keep a record of all the results. This allows us to always re-evaluate the process used in order to achieve complete drying.


Because each situation is unique, our approach is equally important. We adapt to each situation to ensure that the process chosen will adjust well to the structure, while maintaining an economy of time and money. It's all set up in one common and ultimate goal: the standard dry.




If electric shock is zero

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Wear a mask: water may carry bacteria
  3. Make sure to place you height (on shelves, pieces of wood, on a higher floor, etc.).
  4. Plug drains if possible
  5. Close the main water supply
  6. Mop water quickly and preventing it from spreading elsewhere
  7. Avoid walking on wet carpet
  8. Contact your insurer as soon as possible

Experts Fully Qualified in Cleaning IICRC, Decontamination and Repair after Disasters. Members of FIRAS.




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